This cuff is hand embroidered with cotton and silk threads and then beaded with vintage glass seed beads that have been sourced from antique handbags and clothing.  each cuff is a one of a kind, no two cuffs will be exactly the same as vintage beads are getting rarer and rarer and it is impossible to source the exact same beads in large quantities.  When ordering you are welcome to discuss particulars with the designer.


10% of the sales will be donated to Face Forward International. A non-profit organization committed to provid life-changing surgeries to survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, and cruel acts of crime.

(INNER) BEAUTY Hand Embroidered Cuff

  • Andrea has been designing luxury good products her entire career, and she is truly a  couturière - with her vast and boundless creativity and customization offered  to her discerning clientele. Andrea creates the unique, the divine and the “one created especially for the client”. This type of artisanal work is a rarity to find in today’s ever abundance of mass produced “design”. Andrea’s work remains integral - as any true artist - forgoing what is trending, just focused on creating the most exceptional and creative art-to-wear  and also elevating “art-to-wear” - an often overused term - to a whole new level !

    Andrea has always designed luxury products and the idea of the wearable art cuff emerged from her custom embroidered gemstone pillow creations - when a  Malibu client said - “Andrea - I want this on my wrist !” With that - voilà - the couture cuff was born ! Each custom one of a kind cuff takes a minimum 100 hours to complete - some of them upwards of hundreds of hours.  They are rarely - if ever sketched - just hundreds of hours of  hand work with anywhere from 2,000 to 5,000 thousand beads, semi precious stones or found objects. With the exception of less than one percent (99.9%),  all of the beads and gemstones used are vintage or antique. Due to their scarcity and rarity,  Andrea will sometimes spend days taking apart a vintage handbag to be able to find the exact right bead or color for the cuff she is working on.  Even after beading for a full eight to ten hour day, she will take apart the cuff to start again - if it’s not exactly right. This is the part of this behind-the-scenes , painstaking process the client never sees.

  • This is a pre-order, please allow 4-5 weeks to receive your beautiful cuff.




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